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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pondering Travels Past, Planning Travels Future and Packing for Travels Present

Reflecting is something we all do at this time of year, whether we intend to or not. We can't help it, and there's nothing wrong with that.

2012 will be a year I remember fondly as my biggest success to date in terms of travel. I might not have made it out of Europe, but that doesn't matter to me. The point is that I really feel like I made the best of my budget and my time off work.

In April, I returned to Venice to retrieve the piece of my heart I left there six years ago, only to decide that it belonged there, thus giving me a reason to go back once again.

A sunny sky, a beer in my hand and Venice. What more could I ever want?
In June, I made the short trip from home across the Irish Sea to my beloved city of Dublin. This time, I was on a hen party. I laughed until my face ached and the tears streamed down my face; I danced until my feet throbbed with agony and I had to limp back to the airport. I loved every minute.

Smiling (despite the clouds) one on of many visits to Dublin. Probably my favourite city in the world
In August, I basked in Greek sunshine on the Island of Kos; soaking up the sun, swishing in the sea and stuffing my face with glorious Greek food.

The perfect spot for relaxing. The Mythos Apartments in Tigaki, Kos
In October, I searched for secret sights in Fair Verona, and finally made it to Lake Garda, a place I have wanted to visit for so, so long.

Lake Garda. I made it. I loved it.

Now, in December, I'm preparing to pack light for a whirlwind 48 hours in Munich. We leave on Saturday morning for what will be my first visit to Germany; something I'm tremendously excited about. I'll be overdosing on Christmas spirit and getting to know the city by taking a walking tour.  I can't wait.

And of course, 2013 then beckons with all the optimistic promise a New Year brings. February will see me fly to Belgium for a trip to Bruges and Brussels, and in April I'm planning to visit Brighton for Traverse, my first travel blogging conference. I'll be nervous, but I'm really looking forward to it. 

Perhaps the most important thing about 2012 for me, is that I'll remember it always as the year I finally put myself out there and started my blog. 

My full-time job an electrical engineer is rewarding, and doing my bit to keep the lights on is something I love. 

But it's only part of my story. Need Another Holiday is the rest. 

And every single page view means such a lot. So if you're reading this now, thank you, sincerely. 

Here's to celebrating your successes of 2012, and making the most of every minute in 2013.


  1. Happy New Year! Love the photo from Venice, I've only ever been there in the depths of winter and have to go back and see it in the sun. Looks like we both have a love of Italy! Here's to lots more travels in 2013.

    1. I'll drink to that! And I don't think I'll ever be finished with Italy. Maybe this is the year I'll make it to Florence.
      There are too many places on my list for 2013 already!

  2. Thanks for sharing your 2012 story.

    I have a similar issue to you. I work full time as an aeronautical engineer (have to keep the planes flying...) and do my travel blogging part time.

    Keep on travelling and all the best for 2013!

    1. Thanks for your comment. It's good to know I'm not the only travel blogging engineer around, too! I look forward to seeing where 2013 takes you...

      Happy travels and Happy New Year!