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About Me

Ever since my hair went green from too much time spent underwater in Ibiza, aged five, I've loved holidays. These days, I am actually obsessed. I approach booking trips away with more commitment than an Olympian does to their training.

Fortunately, my other interests are eating and drinking wine and/or beer. Both of these are activities that can easily be combined with travelling, so my other "hobbies" do not suffer as a result of this flight booking mania.

My Other Half knows better than to interfere with my holiday booking addiction. But then, why would he interfere since the outcome of this whole affliction involves having to pack a bag and go somewhere new and amazing to generally have a fabulous time? This is not a hardship. So husband lets me get on with it and is always happy to go wherever I take (drag) him.

Quick, get me now, before someone walks past!
I don't have a list of destinations I'm travelling my way through; rather I plan around the dates I can get my time off work, and I plan around the budget I have to spend. I'm lucky to have all of Europe on my doorstep and even luckier that it's easily accessible via budget airlines, so finding somewhere to go is usually always possible.

As a child, I was lucky to go on trips to beaches on the Spanish Costas and to Ibiza in the Balearics; that's when I got the bug for seeing new places and I vowed that when I got older, I'd be living the dream if I could manage to take a trip more than once a year. Well, this year I'll have managed five!

So far, my "grown up" travels have taken me to various parts of:

I've a long way to go to make this list anywhere near as long as I want it, but I reckon I've got plenty of good years in me yet.

There's plenty more of Europe to see, but I want to clock up lots of long haul miles too.

Unfortunately, I need to convince my ridiculously tall significant other that there's a noticeable difference in leg room on long haul planes. I can't go without him, you see. He is my entertainment in life which makes him a packing essential. I am sure I'll get round him in the end...

I hope I can inspire and entertain you with some of the tales from my travels, as well as provide some useful, practical information too.

I hope you tag along!


  1. I found your blog via twitter (the name attracted me!) Its nice to see someone else out there as travel obsessed as me who is also 'full time job, part time travel'! :-)

    1. Lovely to hear from another part-time traveller! I've checked out your site and I look forward to following your future jaunts (and catching up with those from the past)!