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Holiday Addict Loves Blogs

When I’m not travelling, I’m planning where to go next.

When I’m not shopping, I’m considering what wardrobe options I’ll pack for my next trip.

When I'm not eating, I'm thinking about where I'd like to go for dinner, or what to cook.

When I’m wondering what it would be like to travel around the world forever, I’m reading the stories of those who do.

Here are some great sites that keep me inspired, entertained and help me make lists of places to go and things to buy…

Travel Fashion Girl

On the Luce

Jetting Around

Travelling Shopaholic

Emma's Travel Tales

Adventurous Kate

Frugal First Class Travel

MrsO Around the World

Flora The Explorer

Flanerie Feminine

Blonde Brunette Travel




Oui In France

Suitcase and Heels

Savoir There

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