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Monday, 24 September 2012

Venice: The Holiday Addict Lowdown

It occurred to me that it might be helpful to give you the lowdown on some of my key points for getting the most out of your trip to Venice. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful. For my full Venice story, see my earlier post, Let's Get Lost in Venice.

Purchase transport tickets online before you travel
I did a lot of research on getting around before I left. On my first visit, I’d purchased 72 hour tourist tickets once we arrived, but on my second trip, I decided to pre-purchase online and I didn’t regret it. I got a discounted ticket which I combined with a return airport bus transfer to Piazzale Roma. Go to Venice Connected, book online and find a link to a video guide showing you the step by step process of how to print your tickets out at an ACTV machine when you arrive.

Buy a guidebook
Different people get what they need from different guidebooks. Personally, I’ve never been let down by the DK series. Venice and the Veneto made a happy bedtime read in the days and weeks before we left and it was a good planning tool I used whilst eating breakfast on my trip. I don’t like to weigh myself down though, so I always left it at the hotel and took a compact pocket book and map out and about.

Don’t stress about where to eat
Go with your instincts and remember that it doesn’t have to be stupidly expensive. Try and book somewhere with breakfast included in the rate so you can fill up in the morning and don’t worry if you haven’t got the money to eat at restaurants every night, there are less formal (and cheaper places) to eat. Bottom line; you won’t starve just because you’re on a budget.

Discover the Islands
I could see that Murano was lovely despite the sky pouring buckets of water over me. Still, you can’t change the weather and you shouldn’t be put off by it.  You have your Vaporetto ticket, so just go explore!

Don’t be scared of getting lost
This is probably the best place in the world to get lost. And you will, even if you have a map and the skills to use it. Remember that if you are on foot, you will never wander so far off that you will never make it back. And don’t worry about walking into unsavoury areas. Venice is known for being remarkably safe. Plus, the chances are you might be completely isolated one minute, but then you’ll simply turn a corner and find yourself hitting a wall of people again.

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