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About this Blog

What's Need Another Holiday All About, Anyway?

Need Another Holiday is for you if you're trying to fuel your lust for travel and still keep up your full-time job. 

We want to help you make the most of your holiday or vacation time by putting your hard earned pay to good use. Find tips and advice on making your money go further while you strive to get as close to five star luxury as possible, but without the five star price tag!

Need Another Holiday wants to inspire you, and provide you with insight and ideas for your next trip. The philosophy here is based on flexibility - you want to go away often? You can! Just be open to finding the best bargains to destinations you might not have considered before, and work with your budget to fit in local travel too. You can do all this and keep focused on your ultimate travel goals!

Here, we're all about embracing part-time travel; whether independent, or through organised trips. We'll always be about lying on a beach and city sightseeing. What matters is getting the most out of your trip, not someone else's.

And remember - Need Another Holiday will never attempt to define a difference between a traveller and a tourist!

So what are you waiting for? Travel your way! And book those tickets now!

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