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What is Need Another Holiday?

Need Another Holiday is a travel and holiday blog written and created by Clare Farrell. It aims to show holiday-makers and trip-takers with limited vacation time that they can travel often; sharing with them some of the wonderful experiences that travelling can bring.

Who is Clare?

Clare is a confirmed holiday addict. She first travelled abroad aged five and has never looked back. For years she longed for the day she’d be grown up and able to fund her own travels; aspiring to fly away as often as she could.  Now thirty-one, Clare works full-time to fund travels that she can really enjoy. On lunch breaks, you’ll undoubtedly find her comparing flight prices and searching for discount deals on luxury hotels. She makes the most of every holiday and vacation day and wants to inspire her readers to do the same.

On her travels, you’ll find Clare admiring city architecture, soaking up museum exhibits, drinking cocktails on the waterfront at sunset, or swishing in the sea. She’s just as passionate about visiting new places as she is about seeing the familiar through new eyes.

To date, Clare’s travels have taken her all over Europe on trips to cities like Venice, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Dublin and Munich. She’s also admired the views at Lake Garda, tasted sherry in Andalucia, explored many a Greek Island and relaxed in the North African beachfront luxury of Tunisia and Egypt. She's also been searching for the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. This year she’ll be visiting Lisbon, Bruges and Brussels and the Neapolitan Riviera of Italy. She is still undecided about the summer will take her…

Why work with Need Another Holiday?

A growing readership means that through Clare, you can connect with an audience always looking to book their next trip. She shares all her plans, experiences and thoughts on travel at Need Another Holiday. She writes from the heart; with flair, humour and feeling. She also provides practical advice on everything related to her travels; from planning and booking the best bargains, to fashion and beauty tips for when you’re away from home.

Through Need Another Holiday, Clare can help you promote your brand or product. From stylish travel accessories to package holidays; from accommodation options to must-see sights, Clare wants to recommend the best to her readers and to equip them with the tips and advice they need in order to book their next trip with confidence, helping them create holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

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