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Thursday, 7 March 2013

A New Home for Need Another Holiday

Need Another Holiday has moved! 

March is here, and I've decided that it's time for a Spring clean of the blog, so what could be better than a new logo and a new website?

Please follow me to the brand new NeedAnotherHoliday and take a minute to subscribe on the new site.

Pop over right now, and have a look!

Happy travels!


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Weekend Picture Pick: Millport Beach in Scotland

Just off the Ayrshire coast is the Isle of Great Cumbrae and the seaside town of Millport. A favourite for day-trippers, there's a lot to like about this lovely, little place.

This weekend's photo is of Millport beach, on an August day.

Sun, sea, sand and a Scottish summer

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Reason to Love Winter: Belgian Chocolate Snowmen!

Chocolate was everywhere in Bruges. 

These funny little fellas caught my eye from a shop window one evening as I strolled the streets after dinner - looks like I wasn't the only one to hit the Belgian beer!

There might still be plenty of winter weather about, but a chocolate snowman would surely be enough to brighten your day!

Chocolate beer doesn't get you drunk. Honest.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Paris: A Good Idea at Any Time of Year

There's something about Paris that can't be explained. 

It's a place that packs a perfectly poised punch, and a city that's inspired me to try to adopt the effortless style of the French ever since I first set foot there. I'd like to say that I could walk around the city with a carefree "oh it's just Paris," shrug of my Chanel adorned shoulder, but despite any efforts I might make to look the part, I'm not French, I don't own anything Chanel except makeup, and consequently I think I'll always be in awe of this stunning city.

You don't need to see the top of the tower to recognise this Paris icon

My last visit here was in the depths of a Parisian winter, with a dusting of snow on the ground and a bright blue sky to light up the city's limitless number of lovely views. This was perfect wrap up warm and get walking weather. And that's exactly what we did.

I couldn't feel my feet as we walked along the Canal Saint Martin, but I didn't care. The shimmering sheets of ice on the water winked at me as I walked in Amelie's footsteps. No stone skimming for me in this weather, but what does that matter?

We stayed near the canal, close to the Gare de l'Est. The ease of which we could hop on a metro to explore the city was a big plus point, despite our hotel room being a little small. But that didn't matter. This is Paris after all, so why would you want to spend much time in a hotel room? In fact, it's probably fair to say that what little time we did spend in our hotel, we spent at the bar; cheeks cold from the city streets, sipping our nightcaps with buzzing eyes until our faces burned with the fatigue of the day and we dragged ourselves off to bed.

We only stayed three nights here, and there's little doubt that a few days will only skim the surface of Paris (thank goodness we didn't have time for me to hit the shops). But you can soak up a good deal from a long weekend. Or, if you can swing the right days off work, a midweek stint, when flights are likely to be cheaper.

Cold, but very happy to be in Paris
Just don't kill yourself by flapping from must-see to must-see in a frenzied sightseeing fit. Cramming too much into a day will stop you looking up and around. And in Paris this would be a mistake. The city itself (as well as, the Eiffel Tower viewed from every angle) is the star of the show.

That said, here's what we did make time to see when we weren't sauntering the streets going gooey-eyed, or prancing around pretending to be Parisian:

The Louvre
The essential must-visit museum, the Louvre is vast and will eat up as much of your time as you let it. Catch the Mona Lisa (though I was slightly underwhelmed by it) and the Venus de Milo as well as countless other important works.

Venus de Milo, on display in the Louvre

The Musée D'Orsay
I preferred this museum to the Louvre. I liked the fact that it's an old railway station (there's always something grand and romantic about old station buildings in my opinion) and I enjoyed seeing works by Monet, Van Gogh and Renoir.

Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur
Wandering the streets of Montmarte makes you believe there's an artist within you that you've possibly yet to discover. It's vibrant culture sets fire to your senses. Then there's the Sacre Coeur Basilica, the stunning high point. A beautiful church with a location that provides a perfect view over the city.

The Magnificent Sacré Coeur 

The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris
An important example of Gothic architecture, this famous Cathedral won't disappoint. And if you only visit one church in Paris, this should probably be it (though my favourite is still the Sacré Coeur).

Don't just tour the inside, make sure you admire Notre Dame from every angle outside too

Wander down the Champs Elysées to the Arc de Triomphe
Walk what's probably the world's most famous street - take in the atmosphere and the sights along the way. And if you can afford to, maybe shop, eat and treat yourself too!

Twinkling lights at night in January on the famous Paris avenue

Of course, I haven't even really mentioned the Eiffel Tower - and whether you decide to ascend it is really up to you. I've had a go, as far as the weather would permit me, but only because it was particularly quiet in January. I'd have undoubtedly passed on it had there been a queue at a different time of year. If I'm honest, I was content just to look up at the tower, particularly when it twinkled at night, and to catch secret glimpses of it as I turned random corners on my promenades through the Paris streets.

What will I choose to specifically see on my next (and third) visit? Well, I really don't know. And frankly, I don't care. I just want to be in Paris. I think that no matter how many times I return, my subconscious will always be working on the details of another trip.

Have you been to Paris? What time of year did you visit and what was your favourite thing to do? Please let me know in the comments! Maybe you can give me some ideas for next time!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekend Picture Pick: Windows of Notre Dame

Happy Sunday to you all! 

Here's a picture of stunning stained glass in Notre Dame. It's a prelude to a post I'm planning to publish next week. Writing it has been bringing back fabulous memories and inspiring me to plan a return visit soon, not just to soak up the sights of the city, but also so that I can take better photographs!

Stained glass in Notre Dame de Paris

Monday, 28 January 2013

It's Official - Britain Needs Another Holiday!

So the chances are, if you’re British, you haven’t had a holiday in far too long. Yes, you have time off work – but it’s pretty likely that you rarely go anywhere, spending a good deal of your annual leave at home. And if you’re anything like me, being at home leads to all manner of unexciting things such as doing the washing and (kill me now) ironing. It’s not good. And now there’s a name for it. Vacationitis.

When was the last time you had the chance to jet off into the sunset?

A recent study by Hilton has found that, on average, us full time workers in the UK only spend 8 of our 24 day leave allowance actually enjoying ourselves. The other 16 days are when we tackle “domestic admin” (a phrase that’s making me feel itchy already). Worse still, half of us haven’t had a holiday in over a year, with a jaw-dropping 5% being holiday deprived for 10 years or more. Of course, there’ll always be times when we’re redecorating, or waiting for a new bed/wardrobe/fridge to be delivered. But 10 years without a holiday? Not good. Last year I posted about the findings from a study by the British Heart Foundation which showed that not travelling enough was the top regret among us Brits. Better to regret something you did do than something you didn't.  And it seems to be no fluke that the people who do travel don’t tend to ever regret it. So what are we waiting for?

The current climate of economic struggles and the need to cut back on our disposable spends can certainly mean we’re unable to do all the travelling we’d wish, but with commitment and savvy planning you can still go on holiday! And if you can, you should! I’m a firm believer that a change of scene is one of the best ways to forget about the worries of trudging life’s treadmill. 

If you physically take yourself away from your problems, you can learn to let them bother you less. And there’s no better distraction than a beautiful view, a new city to explore, or the feeling of the ocean supporting your work-weary bones. A trip away is chance for you to remember that you’re more than your full-time job (even if it’s a job you love).

Two weeks of this? Don't mind if I do!

And before you start to wonder how you’ll afford a two week break in the sun – well it won’t work for everyone. And if two weeks away seems like far too long for you to be away from your reality (or possibly just from family who rely on you), the odd overnight break or weekend away can truly work wonders. Look at budget airlines and consider European cities other than the usual suspects of Paris and Rome. These are beautiful places, but it’s entirely possible you’ll get a better bargain flying to somewhere like Lisbon in Portugal or Bilbao in Spain.  Both are on my radar for bargain flight prices, and in a few months I’ll be posting about just how far I can make my money go on an upcoming three night break to the Portuguese capital.

There are also your local travel options to explore. Have you been to the museums close to where you live? Have you ever stayed in a hotel in your own city? You might be surprised by what’s on offer – many city hotels do excellent deals, and if you take a Monday off work, there’s every possibility of a cheap Sunday overnight stay, with dinner often thrown in too.

You don't necessarily need to travel far to just take the time to enjoy the good things in life

So there you go!  You really don’t have to go far to make the most of a holiday (though if you can, good for you!). It’s much more about making the choice to do something, or go somewhere purely for the purpose of enjoyment, and then to make sure you stick by your decision.

Don’t be a vacationitis statistic!

And don’t stay home doing the ironing on your day off!

Have you ever felt like you wasted your time off? And where would you suggest is a good place to visit if you can only manage a few days off work? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Weekend Picture Pick: Come to the Cavern

I haven't spent much time in my home city of Liverpool recently, but I'll be rectifying that soon.

One place that's always worth a visit for anyone making a first time trip to the city is the famous Cavern club.

The place oozes with character and is a must see for any one who has ever hummed along, or sang along, to a Beatles song...that'll be everyone in the world, then!

Memorabilia on the walls of the Cavern club.

Monday, 21 January 2013

You Might Not Know It Yet, But Munich Loves You!

When I recently visited Munich, I thought I only really went for the Christmas Markets. Yet only a couple of hours after arriving, I unexpectedly found myself walking around the centre of the city, telling my husband I could totally live there. And he completely agreed.

Looking out across Munich's historic centre; the New Town Hall to the right, Frauenkirche Cathedral to the left

So what was it about Munich that I found so mesmerising?

Well, for starters, the standard of living is exceptionally good, so there's no doubt life can be pretty peachy here. Crime rates are also low which means it's a safe place to call home. For me though, it was more of a feeling. And it's only since I came home that I've discovered the city's motto is "Munchen mag dich" which means "Munich loves you". Prior to 2006, the motto was "Weltstadt mit Herz" or "World city with a heart"  - You get the picture. And as a visitor, that's exactly the impression I got.

The wonderful building of the Old Town Hall

Of course, I think it helped that I could pull off looking local too. You see, I spent much of last year's holiday time in Greece and Italy and this classic English Rose (ok, milky white) glow and blonde hair combo really screamed tourist! In Germany however, I could fit right in. And I quite enjoyed it when the locals started up conversations with me in their native tongue, so much so that I felt a pang every time I hit my language limit and had to start speaking in English.

Looking up, as always, through the trees

One thing that didn't surprise me about this city was that everything just worked. And the S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains were a shining example. I hadn't been to Germany before, and I really wanted to experience public transport efficiency, given that it's often a sore point in the UK (It's good here, but I always think it could be better). I was not disappointed in Munich. Getting around the city was simple and super fast. Another box ticked for me!

Postcard worthy German street scenes

It was also an easy city to get to know by walking - and I have to thank the fabulous Julika from Sateless Suitcase for pointing me in the direction of Sandeman's New Europe walking tours. With an enthusiastic guide, we wandered the streets; learning and looking up. Let me tell you, this is one very pretty city! Best of all, the tour is free! It works on a tips only basis, so your guide is sure to do a good job.The walk was hugely satisfying and I completely recommend it. You'll discover heaps about Munich's history (and heaps about German beer)!

An unexpected sight on our walking tour!

City colour in Munich's buildings

Moving on to the drinking...Well, Munich is famous for beer! And if I ever return, I'll try to visit the beer gardens in the Summer sunshine. In December, we stuck to the brauhaus option. And again, I fell in love with Germany! Not just for the beer, but for the whole experience - shared benches and tables mean mixing with other people and this completely confirms that Germans are a friendly and welcoming bunch. 

As for the the food they serve? Well, it got the thumbs up from me in terms of winter comfort - pork shoulder and dumplings with sauerkraut? Traditional and oh so tasty (yet another box ticked for me and my meat loving man)!

Happiness found in a hearty dinner and a half drunk beer. Munich magic!

This was a trip largely driven by a wish to go anywhere in Germany that would be cheap to get to whilst fitting into a very tight window of dates. But as it turned out, Munich was one of my biggest city break success stories, and a place I'd love to return to. 

Oktoberfest anyone?

Have you been to Munich? Did you enjoy it?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Weekend Picture Pick: Kittens in Kos

It's Friday, and if you're anything like me, you're relieved that you've made it to the end of another week! So what better way to cheer you up than by looking at something cute?

And what could be more cute than kittens?

These were photographed on the Greek Island of Kos last summer. And they were adorable.

Yeah, I know I'm cute. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Lake District and a Birthday in Beautiful Bowness

We pass by the Lake District in the North of England every time we make the journey to visit our family in Scotland. But the motorway exits usually serve no purpose besides punctuating the long and often monotonous drive. 

Sometimes, I even visit the picturesque town of Kendal for work meetings. But again, there's nothing much for me to see besides the interior of a meeting room before I need to hurry back to my office in Manchester.

When I reached the end of my twenties, I decided it was only fair to mark the occasion, so instead of passing the Lakes by as usual, this time we booked a two night stay in Bowness-on-Windermere. We were keen to see more of the Lake District than just the bland, blue signs of the M6 motorway junctions.

Evening falls on Lake Windermere

Bowness is a perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Windermere, and is a wonderful English village that harbours a bustling, cosmopolitan vibe.  In truth, we'd barely travelled two hours by car to get there, yet we felt a world away from our Monday to Friday routine.

From Bowness, you can explore more of what the area has to offer, including taking a boat trip on the Lake, which I highly recommend, come rain or shine!

My Birthday Girl boat trip

Bowness offers plenty to do (especially when it comes to eating and drinking - no complaints from me, then). We enjoyed Spanish tapas, outstanding traditional fish and chips, and some of the best Italian food I've ever had in England. And of course, being something of a shopaholic, I was more than happy to meander the shops - especially those selling beautiful silver jewellery.

All in all, it was a fabulous birthday. But the real lesson for me was in learning that the change of scene you need, can sometimes be closer to home than you think. You too may have so far overlooked it without even realising.

One thing is definitely for sure; we'll be making time to discover more of the Lake District in future. It's the perfect escape from city life.

Have you been to the Lake District? Do let me know in the comments! And check out the Go Lakes website for activity ideas should you be either returning to this part of the world, or planning your first visit.

We stayed in The Cranleigh, where boutique hotel meets B&B hospitality. Our stay wasn't sponsored, and this recommendation comes purely from my own opinion.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Understanding and Underestimating the Power of Photographs

In the beginning, writing about my travels and the thoughts that they provoked was all for me. It was a way I could keep memories alive; a way to take me back to places I loved without the need to go anywhere at all. Only when I turned my writing into this blog, did I realise something pretty fundamental. 

My photographs were rubbish!

They were mostly holiday snaps. You know, stand in front of a vaguely acceptable view with a cocktail in your hand, grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat. And while pictures like that are great for your own mementos, they just don't cut it when you put them in a post. 

A photo taken with my old camera - I still love it for that view of Venice

I've always watched other people with their cameras, and I'm guilty of thinking that maybe taking photographs was easy. It's not. But taking good pictures means you're rewarded. And in more recent trips, I've come to appreciate the mosaic of memories I've created through my snapping more than ever before.

My favourite photo of the poet Dante, in Verona

Reading travel blogs makes you see that although words can indeed be enough, a photo has an instant impact and the power of a strong image pulls the reader into the page, hungry for more. I know this because it happens to me all the time. I'm engaged by a photograph, and the words that seem to sing alongside it, manage to paint me into that picture. The combination makes me want to be there, or sometimes, believe I already am.

Trying to capture the colours of Munich, in the street outside the Cathedral

So I've upgraded my camera. And even though it's still a compact point and shoot, it's infinitely better than the digi-dinosaur I was using before. I'm also learning. When I look at the photos of blogs like Adventurous Kate, or Eurotriptips, I know I've got a long way to go, both in terms of shooting and in editing, too. So I scour travel sites I love in search of tips on photography and I try harder (even if it slows us down) when we're out and about. These days, my camera comes out with me almost all the time. Just in case. 

And when I don't have my camera, I'm using my smartphone - the potential in this is phenomenal. And with a plethora of helpful apps, I've plenty to keep me busy.

A different look at Liverpool - and a photo from a smartphone
I've started to see the world with a different eye, and it looks good! Maybe good enough for you to start to see the difference. I can only hope! In the meantime, while I'm writing up my travels from the past, don't be too disappointed with the photography (or lack, thereof). It's a learning curve, but I'm improving, I promise. 

And if you've anything to teach me I'll be entirely grateful for your photography tips!

How important is photography to you? And what advice would you give this eager to learn amateur? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Weekend Picture Pick: Faces of Rome

If you like museums, you can't afford to miss a visit to the Vatican City.

The queues may seem intimidating during the main summer tourist season, but you can book tickets in advance. It's worth devoting half a day to explore the museum, maybe longer, depending on how long you want to spend staring at the ceiling of the Sistine chapel at the end of your visit.

Faces of Rome in the Vatican Museum
Have you been to the Vatican Museum?

Monday, 7 January 2013

Our Greek Poseidon Adventure

Boat trips in Greece. I love them. 

When I saw a little advertising board outside the local tour company in Kos, trying to sell me the perfect day, I immediately pictured myself sailing along in the sunshine, blissfully smiling out at the sparkling sea. I knew I'd have a fabulous time because I'd done similar trips before, on other Greek Islands. It was always a dream of a way to spend a day.

As I glazed over at the happy memories of diving off boats into clear waters and munching souvlaki on deserted beaches, I wistfully waxed lyrical about the joys of messing about on Greek boats to my Other Half. It wasn't hard to convince him that the three island boat trip would be the highlight of our holiday. So, into the tour office we went, and out we came with tickets for the following day.

The type of view you can only get from on board a boat

Later that night, I regaled my husband with stories of Greek holidays past as we slurped our local brew in the balmy evening heat. Hell, I think I even re-enacted my diving technique on dry land, such was my enthusiasm for the next day's excursion. Excited? Yes. Intoxicated? Oh, you'd better believe it.

The next day started with a groan and a sore head. One too many last night maybe, but a litre of water later I was ready to get on board. Bring on the boat. My husband seemed in good spirits too, though the aftermath of an extra pint of Mythos seemed not quite as easy for him to shake off. 

Once on board the aptly named "Poseidon" (oh how I wish I had a photo to prove that was the name - I wasn't blogging then, so I hadn't quite realised the importance of picture documentation), I waited happily for us to sail out of Kos Town. And  it took all of ten minutes out at sea before my husband was throwing up in the one, tiny, on board toilet.

Turns out he'd left his sea legs in last night's pint glass.

He came back after a few minutes, pale but (half) smiling. I hoped he'd be ok as I tried to remember if it was my fault we'd had "one for the road". 

At about the same time, we saw a girl hobble down from the top deck, with the same sorry expression as my man. My Glaswegian husband nicknamed her "Hen", a Scottish term of endearment. She looked like she needed all the endearment she could get as she held a plastic sick bag limply in her pale hand. 

Unfortunately, the sight of her ultimately pushed my husband over the edge, and he ran to the loo again. 

This time he was gone for ages. And even I broke out in to a cold sweat as person after person attempted to open the toilet door. What was he doing in there? And was it even possible for a person get their head stuck down a toilet? 

The minutes dragged on while I waited for him to reappear. And every time I looked forward I saw poor Hen, ready to lean over the side of the boat, trying desperately to keep looking up at the sky on the advice of one of the Greek crew. 

And still my husband stayed locked in the loo.

When he eventually emerged, the sun burned  kissed glow from the previous days had vanished. Instead he gave off a slight green hue that was pitifully emphasised by the green T-shirt he was wearing. He was also drenched in water as a result of an over enthusiastic face splash, but he looked so much like he'd just stepped out of a horror film, that it might as well have been blood. He was not a pretty sight.

All this before we'd even made it to the first of the three islands. How on earth would we ever make it back to Kos Town?

As soon as we hit dry land, I was more than happy to sample the local beer. 
It might seem strange to say it given what you've just read, but the boat trip actually was one of my best days in Kos. Once I let my husband sleep off the sea sickness in a dark corner, I lost myself in the wonderful views and the swish and the slosh of the blue-green water. And after a swim at the first stop, he slowly started coming back to life (though it would be another two days before the colour returned to his face).

My husband might claim he'll never go on another boat trip, but I'm telling you it's one of the best things to do on the Greek Islands. Just don't drink too much the night before, and if you do, well it's probably best you have a hair of the dog before you salute your captain. 

Maybe that's why sailors drink rum...

Oh, and if you're wondering what happened to poor Hen? Well, one of the male crew took quite the shine to her; carefully monitoring every stage of her recovery. So for all we know she's planning a Big Fat Greek Wedding by now!


Have you ever had your own sailing adventure on your travels? Do tell!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wrapping Up the Christmas Season: My Festive Fling with Munich

January 6th marks the the final celebration of the Christmas season for many, so it seems fair for me to wrap up my own Christmas with a post about my visit to Munich and the magic of its Christmas markets.

The sun sets on Munich's Marienplatz, and the fairy lights start to sparkle

We made the decision to go on this trip when we were riding a holiday high in Verona. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to visit Germany for it's famous markets, and as we talked about the possibility of cramming in a visit on the weekend before Christmas, our red wine buzz convinced us to go for it.

Fabulously festive market mugs

As usual, the exact destination in Germany would be largely decided by flight options and prices that worked for us. It turned out that Munich was the best fit at the best price, so as soon as we returned from Italy, I booked it. And it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Christmas market stalls around Munich's Cathedral

The markets in Munich were everything I hoped for. Much as I love the Manchester version at home, in Munich I found the essence of what they're all about it. This was especially true in the market we stumbled across at Rosenheimer Platz.  A market for the local community, they served Christmas spirit along with the Gluhwein in every mug. 

Locals meeting and mingling in the Rosenheimer Platz market

Families gathered, friends shared jugs of wine, stalls stocking everyday products stood next to those selling beautiful nativity figures and hand made tree ornaments.

Christmas ornaments and nativity figures for sale

The larger markets in and around the Marienplatz square in the centre of the city were busier and more touristy of course, but the fundamental feeling that this is just how Germans do Christmas, was still everywhere. 

Shopping for all things Christmas against the backdrop of Munich's Old Town Hall

Munich's markets felt genuine and authentic in a way we've not yet managed to capture in our often overcrowded UK versions of the German originals. Perhaps we will never manage to do it quite as well. After all, we're borrowing the tradition from somewhere else. I'll always enjoy Manchester's markets, but for the real deal, I'm going German.

Any suggestions for next Christmas?

Me. Overdosing on Christmas and loving every minute in Munich

Have you been to any of the Christmas markets in Germany, or anywhere else in Europe? Let me know your thoughts and tips in the comments!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Weekend Picture Pick: Munich Rooftops

This picture was taken from the bell tower of Peterskirche, where the views over Munich were simply stunning. We made the climb in the early evening, just as the sun was about to set on the city.

It was the perfect way to build up an appetite for a hearty December dinner of pork shoulder and dumplings. Not to mention a well earned beer!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013: My Mission to Work Hard. And Travel Harder

Now we're done with New Year, I guess it's fair to say the party's over. And once again reality bites for me in Manchester, with January's bitter chill. But through the remainder of the dark nights, there'll be no post-Christmas season doom and gloom for me. 

Instead of wishing winter away, I'll be writing in earnest and planning my next adventures. Promising myself that I'll work hard in 2013, and travel even harder.

Where will I be departing for in 2013? A whole year of opportunity awaits.

This year, I'm determined to pour more of myself into this blog, which undoubtedly means more work. Need Another Holiday is a little over three months old and I love every minute I spend on trying to build it into something better. I'm excited about writing more, learning more and hopefully reaching more readers. 

I'm also determined that I'll see more new places in 2013. Last year, I made it to just one new country, despite five trips abroad (that was Germany, and I'll be posting about it soon). And while I'm more than happy to return to my beloved Italy  and Greece over and over again, this year I'm keen to go where I haven't gone before. Hopefully that will mean Portugal, Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. As well as a second trip to Belgium, which I last visited in 1999. 

As always though, I'll be driven by budget, which means a sniff of a good enough bargain may steer me elsewhere, so it will be interesting to see where 2013 actually takes me. 

Wherever I go, there's no doubt I'll be writing about it here, this time next year! I hope you'll be here to read all about it...

Where will 2013 be taking you? And have you any good suggestions for me? Please let me know in the comments!