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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013: My Mission to Work Hard. And Travel Harder

Now we're done with New Year, I guess it's fair to say the party's over. And once again reality bites for me in Manchester, with January's bitter chill. But through the remainder of the dark nights, there'll be no post-Christmas season doom and gloom for me. 

Instead of wishing winter away, I'll be writing in earnest and planning my next adventures. Promising myself that I'll work hard in 2013, and travel even harder.

Where will I be departing for in 2013? A whole year of opportunity awaits.

This year, I'm determined to pour more of myself into this blog, which undoubtedly means more work. Need Another Holiday is a little over three months old and I love every minute I spend on trying to build it into something better. I'm excited about writing more, learning more and hopefully reaching more readers. 

I'm also determined that I'll see more new places in 2013. Last year, I made it to just one new country, despite five trips abroad (that was Germany, and I'll be posting about it soon). And while I'm more than happy to return to my beloved Italy  and Greece over and over again, this year I'm keen to go where I haven't gone before. Hopefully that will mean Portugal, Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. As well as a second trip to Belgium, which I last visited in 1999. 

As always though, I'll be driven by budget, which means a sniff of a good enough bargain may steer me elsewhere, so it will be interesting to see where 2013 actually takes me. 

Wherever I go, there's no doubt I'll be writing about it here, this time next year! I hope you'll be here to read all about it...

Where will 2013 be taking you? And have you any good suggestions for me? Please let me know in the comments!

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