Google Need Another Holiday: Living With an Obsession for Booking Holidays

Monday, 17 September 2012

Living With an Obsession for Booking Holidays

So, I'm about to commence another working week and wonder if today I can manage not to check for email updates from Secret Escapes and Voyage Prive.

Somehow, I seem to have made some sort of strange pact with myself that I WILL find a fabulous, luxury bargain break as a result of reading one of these emails. That has yet to happen, though I came remarkably close to booking something last week. And when the right deal comes along, my fingers will surely be typing out my credit card number before I am even aware of what's happening. I won't even need to take said card out of my purse, as I'm ashamed to admit the overuse of it has resulted in the number being burned into my memory such that I can recite it like a little song!

Still, however much I flash the plastic, I am triumphant in my declaration that I can't remember the last time I paid full price for anything. And that includes holidays.

Secret Escapes Sunday Best? Oh go on then... I can spare you five minutes!


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